Introduction to RPSTIR

RPKI(IETF RFC 6480)Relying Party (RP,I.D-ietf-sidrops-rp) software is used by network operators and others to acquire and verify Internet Number Resource (INR) data stored in the RPKI repository system. RPKI data, when verified, allow an RP to verify assertions about which Autonomous Systems (ASes) are authorized to originate routes for IP address prefixes. RPKI data also establishes binding between public keys and BGP routers, and indicates the AS numbers that each router is authorized to represent.

The Relying Party Security Technology for Internet Routing (RPSTIR, pronounced "r-p-stir") is a Reference Implementation of RPKI RP. As an open source project, RPSTIR was developed initially by the RPKI team at BBN Technologies. ZDNS has now assumed responsibility for maintenance of RPSTIR. Dr. Stephen Kent (Emeritus Chief Scientist at BBN) acts as an advisor to ZDNS for this effort.

Find more about RPSTIR on an APNIC Blog article.


A new version RPSTIR 2 is on the way!

RPSTIR 2 is being implemented by GO language, with RPSTIR architecture unchanged. RPSTIR 2 is intended to facilitate new function extension and inter-team collaboration and deployment.

In addition to meeting the basic technical requirements of RPKI Relying Parties, RPSTIR 2 is going to offer operation and management tools in terms of RPKI data monitoring, statistics and analysis.

This project is maintained by ZDNS, sponsored by CNCERT and APNIC.